Hey guys!

So today I would like to talk about a topic surrounding the magic of Legendary cards.

Legendary cards .. The ultimate rarity, the absolute treasure, the most precious of precious cards .. yeah right!

Legendary cards are indeed prestige cards, they are indeed the most powerful cards, but guess what, they are also just like any other cards.

Also, decks that are “hot” at  the moment come and go, there will always be another deck that will take the spotlight, rendering other decks potentially useless.

Netdecking is not a way to improve your rank nor skill as a player. Only through crafting and improving your own decks can you improve as a player.

Allow me to explain through a story.

When I played Hearthstone I started off with a Paladin deck. It contained a nice amount of cards including legendary’s and it could reach me to at least rank 1. I had fun with it, played it every match on ladder and eventually got bored of it and dusted it for a Druid deck.

The Druid deck contained a set of cards that were great for that specific type, a ramp deck. I had my fun with it and guess what, I eventually got bored and dusted if for a Mage deck.

The Mage deck, same story. Fun, bored, dust. This time for a Rogue deck.

But here’s the kicker, I not only dusted the entire Mage deck, which included several legendary cards. Oh no, I also dusted my entire collection! Everything I build over around 2 years of playing Hearthstone, gone in 1 clean starry eyed sweep.

I was so positive that the Rogue deck, which was an all out legendary deck with at least 5 legendary cards and a whole lot of other expensive cards, was all I ever would need playing the game.

But guess what, I had my fun with it, but it proved a little too hard for me. I overdrew every game, I didn’t know the right play to make, I ended up making a whole lot more mistakes than I did with my previous decks. The Paladin, Druid and Mage deck were decks that I knew how to play and win with, even if they didn’t use a lot of legendary’s.

The Rogue deck was an absolute disaster, so much so that I eventually dusted that deck aswell for a feeling of bitter regret. I dusted my entire collection! For what.. for absolutely nothing.

So for all new players out there, I would like give one piece of advice. When you Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls Legends for the first time and you do not have experience playing cardgames, just play and be happy with the cards you can get. Just make your own decks and experiment with different playstyles. Take pleasure in trying to create the best decks with the limited amount of cards you have when you first start out. Then, when you have enough experience with cardgames, create a second account and create the deck you always wanted.

Nothing comes overnight, no skill, no experience and certainly not the deck of your dreams. No amount of netdecking will help you improve your individual skill. Work on improving as a player, on your own terms and at your own speed, then you will be able to create your own deck of your dreams!

Thanks for reading.

Much love, Peekaboo.


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