Hey guys!

So I have recently started streaming some Hearthstone instead of Elder Scrolls Legends. I haven’t played Hearthstone in like 500 years by the way, so I started from rank 24 on the ranked ladder. Playing a budget version of Miracle Giant Rogue I actually did quite well, but then again, I was at rank 24 so yeah, no praise to be deserved for doing so well.

Anyway, one thing I have noticed during my time among the 20+ rank players is that some of them tend to play, well, odd cards. They play cards like Assassinate or Assassin’s Blade. While these are great cards, get rid of a minion, play a weapon with 3 attack and 4 durability! How is that not totally amazing?!

Well, the answer is that while Assassin’s Blade (amongst other “nice” but mana heavy cards)  is amazing, it’s still 5 mana. And 5 mana virtually means a whole turn at turn 5 – 8. Are you really willing to spend 5 mana on a card that is nice to have, and should work?

Ofcourse, you can combo it with cards like Blade Flurry, or Deadly Poison for amazing value, and you should!

So next time you see a card that you think is absolutely amazing to have and would be totally fun to play, by all means, go ahead! But I would suggest playing that deck on Casual games.

In Ranked you can’t really get away with filling your deck with nice to have cards that don’t really impact the board that much or get in the way of playing your other, more valuable cards. So with each card you put into your deck that you plan to play Ranked with, think about how it will contribute to the deck as a whole and if there are other, better cards to replace it with.

And ofcourse, the experience gained in-game will contribute to your decisions of whether or not to cut a card that seemed great, but turned out to be just ok.

Thanks for reading and as always … Happy Dueling!


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