Hey guys!

So today I would like to discuss a match of Hearthstone that I happened to watch on youtube. I haven’t watched Hearthstone in like 1000 years, so you can understand that I had to pause the video every once in a while to read the description on the cards… But hey, at least it’s not Magic the Gathering!

You can catch the match here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4-TXWUBin4.

So I watched Muzzy vs. Kuonet in the Spring Playoffs 2017 Grand Finals and I was surprised at how entertaining the match was! Granted I didn’t look at Hearthstone for 1000 years so I guess the nostalgia kicked in a bit.

So there were some interesting mechanics in the decks being played. For instance using Arcane Giant in Miracle Rogue. Ofcourse the Miracle Rogue will play a lot of spells so the Arcane Giant is a nice card to include in the deck.

Game #1:

Ofcourse a Doomsayer on turn 2 from Kuonet. This is a pretty standard play nowadays, just to prevent your opponent from playing anything on his turn. Ofcourse you need to play the Doomsayer early on to get the maximum value from it, but even played later on it can absorb some cards of your opponent.

Muzzy choosing to play Vancleef over an Arcane Giant is another notable play. He did use a lot of cards that turn to deal with his opponent’s board, so that could be the reason why he just dropped the Vancleef instead of the Giant. The added argument could be that the Giant can be played later on for less mana whereas the Vancleef ofcourse stays at 3 mana.

Kuonet choosing the slower play and using Equality + Consecration + Wickerflame Burnbristle instead of Pyromancer + Equality + Curator. This shows that Kuonet thinks ahead a few turns because while the Equality + Consecration + Wickerflame is a slower play, it is also the more expensive play. So Kuonet can use the cheaper Equality + Pyromancer combo later on if he wishes. Ofcourse the Equality + Pyromancer combo also wipes his own board, so he should take that into account aswell, but I am sure that he did.

The fatigue play by Muzzy amazed me, the fact that Muzzy made the most out of the situation, keeping his cool. Muzzy just made the most out of the situation, not expecting to win as his reaction states. The trade with the Rallying Blade was notable, other than that just a making the most out of the situation play in my opinion.

Game #2:

As the casters mentioned, Totems can be a liability for Shaman when he wants to use Volcano. The Totem can succesfully tank at least 2 damage. This means that keeping the Totem alive when you have a significant board is something worth considering, instead of auto-cleaning any Totem the Shaman plays.

Kuonet takes this game very slow. Using Doomsayer to wipe the board and only using his hero power the turn after. Using the weapon afterwards to clear the Blackpaw takes back some control but it’s not very significant. Muzzy can just clean the 2 1/1’s and leave Kuonet with practically no answer.

Notably Muzzy takes it slow aswell, playing the deck as Control rather than Aggro, with the purpose to outvalue Kuonet. The rule of Midrange is ofcourse to play Control against another Control deck, so Muzzy playing the long game, knowing he will be able to outvalue Kuonet. And if Muzzy ever gets in a dire situation, he can flood the board if he wants to. Muzzy really taking into account the long game here.

Kuonet playing the Dirty Rat after the Primordial Drake is a notable play. Logically you would want to play the Dirty Rat before to get the 2 damage on the Minion being pulled from the hand. But Kuonet chose to play the Dirty Rat after because that maximizes the chances of pulling a big Minion and denying the Battlecry.

Interestingly Muzzy did not choose to play the Thing from Below to protect his 7/5 Jade Golem. The Taunt Totem could ofcourse easily die to Consecration, leaving the 7/5 open for a valuable trade from the Primordial Drake.

Muzzy choosing to play the Hex on the Doomsayer instead of the Devolve still puzzles me. The casters seemed fine with it saving Devolve for a Tyrion, but I think it would be better to just use Devolve on the Doomsayer. Because Hex completely nullifies the Tyrion. Ofcourse there is the factor that Hex does turn the opponent’s Minion into a Taunt, so that might be the reasoning why Muzzy played Hex on the Doomsayer. Because if Kuonet plays Tyrion on his turn, there is little he can do to deal with the board of Muzzy, meaning that Muzzy can easily nullify the Taunt with Devolve and push for damage and, quite possibly, lethal. This must have been the reasoning behind Muzzy choosing to Hex the Doomsayer.

Game #3:

Muzzy not choosing to play the Dirty Rat into the Doomsayer of Kuonet shows the skill level of Muzzy. I personally would play the Dirty Rat just for the value, but in the end it is just a 1 for 1 trade. The added value would be that the Battlecry doesn’t trigger and you could potentially pull out a very strong Minion. But as the casters said, there isn’t a lot in this matchup that Warrior would be looking to nullify using the Dirty Rat and Muzzy probably decides it’s not worth it to play Dirty Rat this early in the game.

Ofcourse Muzzy finishing his quest, and he is able to put Kuonet on a clock here. Not using the Brawl to get a 50/50 shot toward face, but instead just using the Hero Power and trading the Minions, forcing Kuonet to deal with the board. Kuonet does so using Equality + Consecration, a big commitment indeed, especially since he is at 30 Health.

Muzzy notably playing the Control game and being conservative with his resources. But as soon as he completed the Quest and gained the “Die Insect!” hero power he puts the pressure on Kuonet. Even sacrificing an Execute activator to kill the Wild Pyromancer and guarantee 8 damage to the face just to pressure Kuonet even more.

Muzzy showing confidence by dropping the Harrison and drawin the last cards of his deck, making himself vulnerable to Fatigue damage. He really wants to close the game out soon and he is willing to put everything on the line.

And Kuonet can’t answer the clock, Muzzy wins with a 3-0 sweep. Amazingly played by both players indeed. Kuonet doing everything he can, but Muzzy taking the stage.

I very much enjoyed this match, I hope you did too!

As always, happy dueling!





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