Hey guys!

I have played a lot of Scout back in the day (around half a year ago). Ah, the old days, when there were no Slay mechanics, no Dragons or Shouts. Simpeler times indeed.

I thought I would share the strengths and weaknesses I have learned from playing Scout. Enjoy!


#1: Lots of valuable minions

And I mean lots! As a Scout you can take board advantage easily by dropping Wind Keep Spellsword, Haunting Spirit, Young Mammoth etc.

#2: Efficient single target removal

Scout can remove minions very easily and generate card advantage. But removing minions is not the only thing that generates card advantage for Scout players…

#3: Card draw, and discounts!

Indeed, Scout can draw cards early on and also discount the drawn cards! Does it really get any better than that?


#1: No Area of Effect damage/removal

There ofcourse had to be a drawback to the overpowered minions and efficient removal that Scout possesses, and that is the lack of AoE. This should not be a problem for the average game, since Scout makes up for that with valuable minions for a cheap price.

#2: Not enough healing

Scout doesn’t have access to a lot of drain creatures, nor healing spells. This does present a problem against fast mages in particular, since they can deal efficiently with your guards and big minions. They can also burst you down with their spells.

Against warriors you should be okay, given that you play passive and control the board, only hitting face in the lategame.

Thank you for reading, and as always, happy dueling!


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