Hey guys!

I am sure that you had a game or maybe even many games, where you lost without any chance of coming back. Maybe your opponent swarmed you and you didn’t draw any Area of Effect. Maybe you didn’t even have any Area of Effect damage in your deck.

Every color and even combination of colors have their own weaknesses. Sorcerer for example has Area of Effect damage but lacks in hard removal. Scout has no Area of Effect damage but excels in single target removal, generating card advantage naturally.

So, every deck has it’s strenghts, but to counter that, they also have weaknesses. This is obvious ofcourse, because else the game would not be fair!

When playing it’s important to keep an eye out for these weaknesses. Kind of like a trump card you can play at any time, you can play toward your opponent’s weaknesses at any time.

If your opponent plays Scout for example, why not play a lot of minions in quick succession and take over the board like that, assuming you play an Aggro or a Midrange deck. But even if you play a control deck, playing a bit faster than usual could hold big rewards, since your opponent won’t be likely to deal with all the cards you play very quickly, because of the lack of Area of Effect damage.

Knowing your opponent’s weaknesses is key to any game. You will be able to make better informed decisions and overall make more optimal plays.

So, next time you face a class you are struggling against, try to write some notes at the end of the match. the notes could contain information like a few situations where your opponent could not respond to the card(s) you played. The next time you face that class, the notes could help you win the game!

Thanks for reading guys and as always, happy dueling!


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