Time of testing: June 2017

Viability: Viable-ish

Reachable ranks: 4

Deck type: Midrange/Hard control

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended skill level: Intermediate

Hey guys!

Today I glad to present the first deck I created using the Heroes of Skyrim cards that I obtained so far!

I am having a lot of fun using the Heroes of Skyrim cards, I think they add a lot of cool, new strategies to the game and I am excited to see all the different decks that are to be created by the community!

And so I would like to kick off with Spellsword Control using the Heroes of Skyrim cards.  Enjoy!


Dragons ft Alduin pt 1 of 2  Dragons ft Alduin pt 2 of 2

(Shady) cardchoices explained

Midnight Snack

Ah, Midnight Snack! The reason this is in the deck is because of the discount to a dragon in your hand. The guard is also a nice effect and as a 2/2 for 2 mana it’s just too good of a card not to include! Especially since this deck has .. you guessed it, dragons!


Ah, devour is just another control removal spell in the arsenal of Spellsword. Plus the added effect of giving the keyword of the devoured creature to a random dragon in your hand is quite powerful.


Well, to be honest I just like this in the deck because the deck is filled with dragons. Alduin is more of a last resort option in a sticky situation. Kind of like Odahviing, but then again not really because Odah does not destroy your creatures!

Allright guys, I hope you enjoyed this deck guide, albeit a short one. Thanks for reading as always and…

Happy dueling!


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