Hey guys!

I have been watching the latest episode of Dragonball Super and it was amazing! One thing that stood out for me was a quote.

The quote went something like this: Great Priest Sama (or whatever his name is) asked 3 Gods of a universe to test a fighting tournament stage for him. the Priest had created it himself and claimed it to be indestructible. The Gods ofcourse could not reject a request from the Priest so they decided to have a little free for all battle. While battling the stage actually got destroyed!

The Priest kindly said “that’s enough” and he said something like “You have shown me points of improvement, you have my thanks for that”.

I liked this quote a lot because it said a lot about the character of the Priest. Even though the Priest had a prestige position of power and could easily harm the Gods for destroying his stage. The Priest remained fair because after all, he was the one that asked the Gods to test the stage.

Instead of acting out of wounded pride, the Priest thanked the Gods for pointing out improvement points in the stage he had created.

The same thing works when you create a deck for any cardgame. You create one and hit the ladder with it. You basically ask your opponent to point out improvement points in your deck.

So, next time you suffer a loss with a deck, try not to think about your pride being wounded. Try to think about the fact that your opponent helped you by pointing out weaknesses in your deck that could potentially be improved!

Remember, every deck has it’s weaknesses and strengths, the best thing that can happen to you in a match, besides having a good match, is learning these strengths and weaknesses!

Happy dueling!


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