Time of testing: June 2017

Viability: Viable

Reachable ranks: 4, quite likely 3

Deck type: Midrange/Hard control

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended skill level: Intermediate

Hey guys!

So I have been MIA for a while, I apologize for that. I was too busy with school to do any writing. But I just finished my last test so summer break has started, yay!

I would like to kick off with a deck I have been working on for the last 2 weeks. It got finished a few days ago but I kept playing it because it’s so much fun!

I hope you will have fun with it aswell, this might be the last true vanilla deck I make. That is before the Heroes of Skyrim expansion, I am so excited for that!

Allright, without further ado, let’s dive into the deck!

Mage Control pt 1 of 2 Mage Control pt 2 of 2.png

The goal of this deck

With this deck you want to control the early game with your numerous spells. Execute, Firebolt etc. All spells that can take out weak minions and turtle into the mid-lategame.

You should always try to get the most value for your AoE spells like Fire Storm and Ice Storm. It is even possible that you trade off some health to get more value for your AoE spells. For example waiting a turn before playing Fire Storm and taking as much as 5 or 10 damage in the process is totally worth it if there is a chance that your opponent will play another minion or two. Beware that this only works in the early game. After around 5 mana your opponent will have access to big minions that will survive the Fire or Ice Storm. So it is best to play Fire Storm pre turn 5 so that you can Javelin a threath on turn 5 or 6.

Play to certain cards in your deck

When your opponent plays a 7/5 in a lane and you only have Crushing Blow as an answer, it might be wise to use it on the 7/5 with the intention of drawing Fire or Ice Storm or Firebolt and finishing it off. If your opponent plays another minion it is only better because you will get more value from your AoE.

When you don’t have direct answers for your opponent’s minions don’t panic, because you can always draw an answer!

Save your Healing Potion

This is an important note. You don’t need to use your Healing Potion whenever you have any spare 2 mana. Saving Healing Potion for a combo with Auridon or Mages Guild Retreat might save your life!

(Shady) Card choices explained

Moment of Clarity

Well to be honest I just like Moment of Clarity. It’s a nice early spell that can be invested into the lategame. Sometimes you might not find anything good, but still, anything you draw might impact the game in some way. Even if you draw a Scuttler!

Auridon Paladin

Auridon is just here for the heal. Plus it’s a solid 4 drop with 4/4. It can contest the board and heal you aswell! To Mage this card is a nice addition. A true elite card.

Fire Storm

Ah, Fire Storm! This card started out as a single tech card, but then I developed a liking for it. It basically serves as an aggro stopper, and it works aswell! In combination with Crushing Blow you can even kill a 5 health minion.

The Black Dragon

This card is amazing. a 5/5 for 4 mana?! Yes please! Plus you can sometimes even get the effect off, that is if your opponent doesn’t blow a premium removal spell on this 4 mana minion.. A win for you!

Vicious Dreugh

Well this is a true tech card. Especially against those pesky Spellswords (just kidding I love Spellsword) but you need to have some ammo against Hist Grove, because else it’s almost guaranteed game at 15 mana.


Ah, Ayrenn! I love this card so darn much! Not only does it cheapen your spells, which is extremely valuable on it’s own; It actually draws you a spell from your discard pile! This makes it that much easier to blow a removal spell on a suboptimal target when you have Ayrenn in your hand.

Stealer of Secrets

Ah, now we get to the gem in the deck! In my opinion, Stealer of Secrets is a great late-game threath. When your opponent doesn’t have much cards in hand you can drop this giant and start doing some big damage!

Mages Guild Retreat

This card is amazing in my opinion. The fact that you get a free, powerful minion when you play only 2 spells in a turn is amazing. As a Mage there should be no problem playing 2 spells in a turn. Because of the overwhelming amount of spells and a little bit of a lack of powerful minions in this deck, I added Mages Guild Retreat.

Nahkriin, Dragon Priest

Nahkriin is still a good card in my opinion. It’s a solid body for 9 mana and it draws you a free card. This card can help you out of a sticky situation. It’s key that you do not play this card recklessly, when you can play another card over Nahkriin, play the other card. Play Nahkriin when you can’t play anything else or when you need to get out of a sticky situation, again only when you can’t play anything else.

Only 1 Mantikora?

The deck would be a bit too heavy if I would throw in 2 or even 3 Mantikora’s. Manti is a great card, but with Miraak and Odah and 3x Javelin, only 1 Mantikora does suffice.

This deck is designed to turtle in the early and mid game with removal spells, and take over the late game with big treaths like Stealer of Secrets, Supreme Attromancer, Mantikora, Miraak and Odah.

I hope you enjoyed this deck article!

Happy dueling guys!






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