Hey guys!

I have been playing Control Mage all through last week now and I am still working on the deck. It’s so much fun that I didn’t want to post it last friday! So maybe I will post it this friday, but I can’t promise anything, cuz I’m having so much fun!!

But I just thought I would share what I have learned playing Control Mage.

#1: Use health to conserve your spells

Spells matter indeed, you can use spells to trade minions and that is probably what you will end up doing all the time. But using an Execute or Crushing Blow on a 1/2 Thieves Guild Recruit seems a bit, suboptimal to say the least.

Try holding on to your spells until you find actual good targets for it. Like Wind Keep Spellsword or Daring Cutpurse. And if you have Cloudrest Illusionist it might be a good idea to hold on to execute; But not always because you don’t want to take too much damage from that pesky 2/2 minion with a ward!

Knowing the balance between using Spells and Creatures and your Life total can really lift your game.

#2: Play to key cards in your deck.

This is an important one. There will be a game where you can’t answer your opponent’s board. When this happens it’s important not to just mindlessly throw spells at your opponent’s minions and killing them.

I actually had a situation where I could not answer my opponent’s board. So I spread the damage with Crushing Blow’s and I hoped for an Ice Storm. I drew something better, Odahviing! I had never been happier to see Odah drawn and I immediately took back board control and I also had a huge presence on the board.

When your opponent has a lot of minions on the board you might want to spread the damage done with spells and hope for a draw like Ice Storm or Odahviing if those are in your deck.

You can also just deal with one side of the board and hope to draw a Dawn’s Wrath if that is in your deck ofcourse.

I hope this article helps you improve your skill.

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Happy dueling!


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