Hey guys!

Today I would like to talk about the new mechanic that Elder Scrolls Legends brought to cardgames in general. Runes. The fact that your opponent draws a card when you break one of his runes.

I can understand that this is supposed to be a comeback mechanic and that your opponent will have options to deal with your board. And that is exactly what this does, giving your opponent options to deal with your board. Now as an Aggro deck this does not matter, because you want to go face regardless of anything.

But as a Midrange or Control deck, going face matter a great deal.

When I first started playing Elder Scrolls Legends I would aim for One turn kills. See my Item Battlemage OTK (beta version) deck for more on this specific deck. But the reason I would go for One turn kills is because as a Control deck, whenever I hit my opponent and broke too many runes, they could easily answer my board with their drawn cards.

And you might think that 5 cards might not be that much, but that is simply not true. Even 1 card drawn is too many because your opponent will draw a card that might sync up with their cards on the deck; Or they might draw an answer to your minion; Or they might draw that last bit of damage for lethal, oh the thought of it makes me shiver.

So even when you are ahead, giving your opponent any cards for free is a bad move.

So should you never attack your opponent? Should you always wait until you have OTK potential? Well yes, in the beginning you should. And no, not forever.

When you are a beginner player, you should never go face until you have One turn kill potential. Ofcourse if you feel like it’s safe to go face, you can, but take notice of the effect of going face and giving your opponent at least one free card.

When you play more and more games with the OTK style, you will start to get a feel when it’s safe to go face and not get your board or life total threathened by your opponent’s potential cards drawn. This comes with experience so that’s why you will be able to go face more often the more you play, because you will be more certain that giving your opponent free cards in a certain situation won’t help him come back.

All things considered, the Rune mechanic is a nice addition to card games and it makes for another factor to consider when playing. Which is fun! Should you go face or not go face? That is indeed the question!

Happy dueling!


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