Hey guys!

Today I would like to discuss a fundamental technique to improve your initial deck. I say initial deck because any deck in any cardgame doesn’t start out as a winner. You need to test and iterate your deck and improve it bit by bit to make it the best it can be.

When I started making guides for Elder Scrolls Legends I started out with a Battlemage OTK deck. The initial deck I created was fine, but I wanted to improve it. So I set myself a challenge, I would play 50 games with the deck and after each game I would track whether I won or lost and when necessary I would make some notes about the game.

This method allowed me to pinpoint weaknesses of the deck and replace and add cards that were not quite right for that specific concept.

I still use this method today, though I have replaced a digital notepad for a physical one irl. When I play the deck I plan on releasing that week I take notes whenever I notice a weak point or strength of the deck.

So there you have it, take notes after your games, wins or losses and you will see your deck quickly become stronger and stronger!

Happy dueling!


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