Time of testing: June 2017

Viability: Viable-ish, suffers against aggro, hence Dawn’s Wrath

Reachable ranks: 4, quite likely 3

Deck type: Midrange/Hard control

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended skill level: Intermediate

Hey guys!

Today I would like to present a deck in honor of the Monthly card of May!

Protector of the Mane has truly revolutionized the Monk class. By adding such a Control card to the class Monk now has more options to play Control instead of hard Midrange.

The emphasise of this deck is on healing and surviving the early and mid game. With late game threaths such as Baroness and Miraak you can take over the game. But first you need to survive the Early and Mid game by controlling the board. Cards such as Sanctuary pet and Auridon Paladin thrive in controlling the board.

Monk Mane Midrange ControlMonk Mane Midrange Control 2 of 2

(Shady) cardchoices explained

Shadow Shift

Basically an auto-include to shift (see what I did there) some cards out of harms way or to make some favorable trades with Black Dragon or Sanctuary Pet.

Can be used when you need to draw a card or when you actually need to shift a creature out of harms way. Either way, for 1 mana it’s an amazing card.

Close Call

I just put this in the deck because I love this card! Also it allows you to take out a card from harms way and play it again and trigger the summon effect a second time.

Useful for all kinds of cards like Sanctuary, Baroness, Odah, but also cards like Thieves Guild Recruit.

Bruma Profiteer

I usually don’t run Bruma, but since this is a Mane themed deck, it’s kind of mandatory.

This card can be played early on to gain some extra heal or in combination with Mane to buff it to a 5/5 on summon. Make sure you play Bruma first!

House Kinsman

Kinsman is more of a tech card against aggro. Since this is a deck that focusses on the lategame, you might fall behind in health early on if you can’t heal. Kinsman is there to make sure you heal for 3 and your opponent loses 3 health. The potential 6 health gap can keep you out of harms way for a while.

Kinsman can be played anytime, even in the lategame it will be useful because of the Deathgasp. But if you don’t want to give your opponent any cards then it might be better to hold on to Kinsman until you are more confident of your advantage.

Auridon Paladin

Auridon is a solid 4 mana card. With 4/4 it won’t go down easily and it might even get 2 for 1 value in the early game. Plus the heal when you play an action is irreplaceable in this deck.

You can play Auridon on turn 4 if your opponent dominates the board. The 4/4 body is solid so it will contest the early board of your opponent. If you need to you can play Auridon in the Field lane, but it’s preferred to play it in the Shadow lane and play an action to gain the heal. It’s perfectly fine to trade with Auridon with or without the heal.

Piercing Javelin

I actually did not include this card in the deck in the first version. But I realized that the instant removal is very, very valuable. Also for 5 mana it’s not that expensive for  a clean removal.

Piercing Javelin should be used to get rid of key cards from your opponent, like Daggerfall Mage or Master of Thieves. Therefor you will probably play this card in the mid-late game. When you feel like you need to protect a minion, it’s perfectly fine to play Javelin, because you gain board advantage by making a 1 for 1 trade, which is a good trade.

Dawn’s Wrath

Dawn’s Wrath is basically a tech card against Aggro. This deck falls behind quickly against aggro so Dawn’s Wrath is just that last resort.

Play Dawn’s Wrath whenever you need to clean a tough lane.

(Only one?!) Mantikora

Mantikora is a great card, but for 10 mana it’s a bit too heavy to run 2 or 3 copies of it. At least for this deck, which focusses on stabalizing in the mid game to take over in the late game. You don’t want to draw 2 Mantikora’s on turn 5.

Manti can be used anytime in the lategame. If you draw it off Thieves Guild Recruit then you can even play it on turn 8! Since it’s a body aswell as a removal, you will always get at least 2 for 1 value with this card.



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