Time of testing: May 2017

Viability: Viable (surprisingly)

Reachable ranks: 4, quite likely 3 (surprisingly)

Deck type: Midrange/Hard control

Difficulty: Medium

Recommended skill level: Intermediate

Hey guys!

Today I am very happy to present a deck that shouldnotworkbutactuallydoesandIhavenoideahowbutIamokaywithitbecauseit’sfuntoplay!

In case you missed that, that is “a deck that should now work but actually does and I have no idea how but I am okay with it because it’s fun to play!”.


I will be updating this deck tutorial over the next few days so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

This deck has a heavy focus on controlling the midgame. You will usually play very passive during the first few turns and then you will start taking control of the board. By the lategame you will have gained board control or at least have the tools to take back the board.

Midrange Warrior Control ft Volendrung 1 of 2Midrange Warrior Control ft Volendrung 2 of 2

(Shady) cardchoices explained


Rapid Shot

I already hear you say “Rapid Shot?! In a Midrange control deck?!”. I know, It’s weird, but I mainly put this card in the deck for the card draw. Because of the immense lack of carddraw, you know.

But because of the immense focus on 3 to 4 mana cards you should have no problem being able to play cards early on in the game.


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