Hey guys!

Spellsword is probably my favorite class after Scout. It’s just so much fun with cards like Loyal Housecarl and Mantikora, and Haunting Spirit. You can really control the board with this class and heal up for a late game.

Tip #1: Spellsword truly is Midrange!

Spellsword can bash your opponents runes and still have an answer for their minions. With cards like Javelin, Mummify, Silence, Execute, that other removal spell that I never play because I only have one of (Edict of Azura).

So with Spellsword you can safely bash face after you gain board control knowing you will be able to take back board control most of the time. Ofcourse if you have the necessary tools in hand, else it might be better to just stick to controlling the board for a while.

Tip #2: You can only really burst your opponent with your creatures.

Spellsword doesn’t have fancy damaging spells or items like the Mage or Warrior. But to make up for this it does have a lot of fancy removal spells so there is that!

Once you establish board control by favorable trading (2-for-1) and removing powerful minions with your spells, you can safely start looking for lethal. Even if it means ignoring that small minion if you have a decent board presence of your own. Planning lethal over 1 or 2 turns can win you games. This is where the true difficulty, but also the strength of Midrange comes in!

Tip #3: Use your life as a resource

Because you have healing available, you will be able to use your health to keep some spells in your hand, dealing with any minion with a minion of your own.

This tip especially applies in the early game,  because you will have some minions to play and use as an answer to your opponents minions. It is for example not necessary to play execute on a 2/3 if you also have Cloudrest Illusionist in your hand. You can use the Cloudrest to combo into the execute to remove a 6 attack minion cleanly.

Tip #4: I’m all out of tips

So I hope you enjoyed these quick tips guys! Spellsword is a nice class that compliments Control and Midrange playstyles.

Happy dueling!


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