Hey guys!

So I did some card spotlights, but today I would like to present some tips on the Midrange playstyle. Because Midrange in Elder Scrolls Legends can be a very difficult class to master, I felt like I would share my experience for those players just starting out.

Midrange is a difficult type to play right, especially in Legends. Because of the prophecies it is difficult to generate card advantage if you attack face. The way I got around this is by preparing my deck for this by putting in minions and spells that can control the board.

Tip #1: Don’t hit face until you have a one-turn-kill.

Yes, play the Midrange deck like a hard control one. When I first started out I only played one turn kill, even though I had experience playing Paladin Midrange in Hearthstone. The prophecies are very difficult to understand, and they will lose you the game if you give your opponent too many cards by hitting face recklessly with a Midrange deck.

So in the beginning, just go for one turn kills and when your opponent has an answer, either continue attacking or stop and reset if you don’t have enough damage for lethal. See my “Item Battlemage OTK – (beta version)” for more on the one turn kill playstyle.

Tip #2: Cover every mana slot, but curve your deck out at 4 or even 3 mana.

This is very important. Midrange decks take control of the game early on to have a strong board presence later on. This allows Midrange decks to close the game by the time the lategame kicks in. But this does not mean that you should fill your deck with cheap minions (hence the curve at 4 or 3 mana). You want to pick cards that can give you an advantage over your opponent which brings me to my next tip.

Tip #3: Only cards that can trade 2-for-1 are good enough!

I actually learned this lesson playing a Ramp Druid in Hearthstone. The goal of the Ramp Druid was to make favorable trades in the early and mid game to be able to drop some heavy minions in the late game. By doing this I would actually gain such a card advantage that the win was almost guaranteed (or I would fall behind against aggro that the loss was guaranteed!).

But the golden rule of Midrange is generating small, favorable advantages over your opponent. I think I read that on Icyveins.

Tip #4: Midrange doesn’t mean only damage! (in my opinion)

I like to play Midrange as a control deck so I usually put in cards like Giant Snake, Fell the Mighty, Preserver of the Root, Lucien Lachance etc. in the deck. Cards that might seem a bit suboptimal if you want to do damage fast. But in my opinion Midrange can perfectly be played as control. You can even go aggro when you have board control!

See my “Spellsword Midrange ft. Nahagliiv” for a perfect example of a Midrange deck that controls the early game, but has no problem going aggro in the mid – late game!

Tip #5: Don’t put too many heavy minions in the deck.

This seems like an obvious one. The reasoning behind this is that if you put too many heavy minions in the deck you won’t be able to contest the early game. This is fine when you are experienced and you actually tailored your deck to forsake the early game in favor of the late game. But think very hard before creating a deck that forsakes the early game, you might get punished for it!

To be safe, I would stick to the 3 – 4 mana curve until you have more experience with the tips above. Then you can experiment with stuff like mana curve and damaging face early on, which I will cover in the next article in this series, intermediate tips.

Thanks for reading guys and happy dueling!




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