Hey guys!

So I have been doubting my effort in the Elder Scrolls Legends game for a while now. I was not sure if I put the right or acceptable amount of games in the game. But then I came to a realization, what exactly is the right amount of games? What is an acceptable amount of time to put in the game? It’s all subjective in my opinion.


When I first started Elder Scrolls Legends in the beta I was hooked. I played a lot and tried to improve. The game was still fun for me then. But a few weeks back I actually didn’t enjoy the game anymore. I took the losses too hard and felt like it was my lack of skill that made me lose, which is true by the way. And I got discouraged, I couldn’t play more than 3 games per session. I even stopped streaming for a while because I didn’t enjoy the game anymore.

Then I decided to just play 3 games per session to get back into the game. And do like 5 or 6 sessions per week, at nighttime, when I knew I would have the time to play.

By doing this I would still keep up my skills and still improve my deckbuilding skills by noting a few improvements to the deck I created after each game. Hoping that the consistency will improve my game.

And who knows, maybe in the future I will up the games to 4 or 5, but the important thing is not to put too many games in too fast, because then you will surely get discouraged.

Because in the end, a thousand step journey is still a thousand step journey. Whether you climb it in one week or one year. You will still have reached it.

Happy dueling!


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