Hey guys!

I would like to present my Scount Midrange experiment.

Time of testing: April 2017

Viability: Non-viable

Reachable ranks: 5, possibly 4

Deck type: Midrange/Hard control

Difficulty: Hard

Recommended skill level: Intermediate

Scout Midrange Exp 1 of 2Scout Midrange Exp 2 of 2

Quick note: This deck bears a remarkabl… This deck uses almost the exact same cards as my “Control Scout ft. Chaurus Pit” deck. But this deck actually plays different because of the Lucian Lachance and the Cicero the Betrayer. You actually need to be more conservative with your cards and be careful not to overextend your options. For example playing Cicero on turn 6 while your opponent hasn’t used a Javelin or other hard removal yet (even a Silence can ruin this card!). Or playing the Little Girl on turn 4, same story. You need to really think about when to play the cards in this deck. Speaking of, I should probably note that this deck is not for beginners.

Quick note #2 but actually it should be quick note #1 because it is so important.

!Important! Lucien Lachance is NOT a must have for this deck and should never be crafted for this deck alone. That being said Lucien Lachance is a great card and it’s a Unique Legendary so why not craft it, but NOT for this deck alone!

This deck is aimed to be Midrange, which means trading the board but also feeling safe to attack face when you have board dominance. But it turned out to be rather controlly, I ended up controlling the board and rarely attacking face, even if I had the chance because I felt like I didn’t have a strong enough board to give my opponent any free cards.

As you can see the deck is filled with stalling and health gain, aswell as control cards like Preserver of the Root, Nahagliiv and Chaurus Breeding Pit.

(Shady) card choices explained

Dragontail Savior

Dragontail Savior was initially put in this deck for Midrange purposes. Having that extra bit of damage in the mid to later game (post turn 5) will actually help a lot to damage face or make a very valuable trade. But this does not mean that you should save this card for the lategame. You should most definitely play this card on turn 2 or even turn 1 with the coin if you can. The fact that it has 3 health almost guarantees a 2-for-1 trade.

Snake Tooth Necklace & Little Girl

These cards are here for the necessary heal because you will play a long game. I should really remove the “Midrange” on this deck!

Thieves Guild Recruit

1 reason and 1 reason only, card draw. At first I was against playing this card, but after a while I realized, this card is actually amazing. Drawing a card for 2 mana plus it has 2 health plus it reduces the card’s mana cost if it’s 7+ mana?! Oh my…

Giant Snake

I love this card. Absolutely love it. For 5 mana it is not too expensive and it actually delays a whole turn by shackling all enemy creatures in a lane. Need a turn to draw your out? No problem, Giant Snake has you covered.

A quick note however, I use only 2 copies of this card because I only have 2 copies of it. But in my opinion 3 copies would be too much, with the third card surely being a dead draw. For as good as Giant Snake is, it is a little too expensive to have 3 copies of it in your deck. The card is good in certain situations which occur in the lategame which makes the 5 mana okay, but a 2nd copy is more than enough.

Territorial Viper

4 mana 1/1 with lethal too much you say? I agree. Especially since this card can’t even remove cards in the Shadow lane!

But that is just the thing, it’s 4 mana for a clean removal. The only other card that rivals this is Piercing Javelin and that card costs 5 mana! Plus this card is actually a creature which means you can combo it with a ward either from Mundus Stone or a creature. Ofcourse there is no creature in this class that gives a ward but that is okay. 4 mana clean removal is still quite valuable, however it is definitely not optimal.

Deshaan Avenger

Now this is an interesting pick on my part and I would totally agree with any suspicions you might have. What’s that? You don’t have any suspicions because you trust me? Oh stop it you. But really, Deshaan Avenger is a card that hold tremendous value. Think about Harvest Golem in Hearthstone but a better version for only 1 mana more. If I say it like that it sounds broken!

I liked this card from the moment I started playing this game. It’s a nice card that, especially in budget decks will do very well. In legendary decks however it’s value will be decreased a lot but for this deck it will suffice.

Lucien Lachance (reminder, this card should not be crafted for this deck!!)

Well to be frank, I crafted this card so I included it in the deck. I don’t think Lucien Lachance is an unnecessary card in any deck (except for aggro decks). Especially in control decks this card should shine. So that is why I included it and it did fine, I still don’t know how to play it properly but it did fine.

That being said, this card is not a must have for this deck. In most cases you won’t even play it because by the time you draw it you will be too busy setting the board up for Burglar or Cicero.


But I thought this was a Midrange deck? Yeah it really isn’t. Hence why I put Odah in this deck because of all the board controlling you’ll do, when you draw it you might actually play it!

Allright guys, that is it for this deck guide. I hope I covered every important card but if you have any questions feel free to post a comment!

Happy dueling!




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