Hey guys!

Today I would like to present a beginner tip. Something I have been struggling with myself. The art of building a good, viable deck that will actually hold it’s own in ranked. I know, it seems impossible, but it is not! Use this tip the next time you build a deck for ranked.

When you look at already viable decks in the meta you might notice that they have something in common. They all focus on a specific goal, either getting the right combo pieces and delaying the game until they get them, or just controlling the board with cards to get a victory.

This is what you should do when you build a deck for ranked. Instead of putting together cards that you think are good, why not put in cards that support the theme you have in mind? If your theme is control, why not put in cards that purely control the board, and can go face after you have board control. If your theme is aggro why not focus on putting in aggressive cards and maybe some cards that can get around guards like Dread Clannfear or Intimidate in your deck?

This powerful focus can actually help your deck be stronger and more purposeful. Decks can’t be good at everything, there is no deck that can beat them all. So you need to build a deck to a specific theme to make it the best it can be.

For more on this subject I would recommend reading my “How to stick to 50 cards – Focus on the big picture” article. And I would recommend looking at my Spellsword Midrange ft. Nahagliiv deck for inspiration on how to build a theme specific deck.

That’s it for this article guys! I hope you enjoyed it and if you did enjoy it, why not follow my blog by entering your e-mail at the bottom of this page. You will get notified whenever I post a new article!

Happy dueling!


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