Hey guys!

Today I would like to present the guide of my Control Scout deck.

Time of testing: April 2017

Viability: Viable-ish

Reachable ranks: 5, possibly 4

Deck type: Hard control

Scout Control ft Chaurus Pit part 1Scout Control ft Chaurus Pit part 2

This deck started out as a Midrange deck, but I found that being too aggressive early on with this deck gets you in trouble later on, if you even get to turn 12!

So I switched my playstyle for this particular deck to hard control. Basically not attacking until turn 10-12. Then I start attacking when I have board control and card advantage.

(Shady) Card choices explained

This deck is a hard control one. That means going face early on is a no-go. Just control the board and stall with cards like Varanis Courier until turn 10-12. This also means that you want to save Burglar for the lategame, since it usually means finishing the game in a few turns.

Takzad the Packmaster can be used to trade, and it will be used to trade, more than it goes face. And that is okay. Tazkad is put in this deck specifically to trade and gain advantage with the Deathgasp.

Giant Snake is an amazing card. It has worked so well for me every time I play it. It basically buys you a whole turn to set up a strategy to come back in the game. At 5 mana you can play it early if you need to.

I only put one Chaurus Breeding Pit in this deck because I feel that one is good enough. Two would be too much because the card is a dead card most of the time. Because it is so situational, one copy is enough.

Close call works so well with specific cards in this deck. If you use Shadowfen on a minion, you can close call it if you suspect your opponent to play a support. You can close call Burglar if it gets silenced, you can even close call a damaged Tazkad, Preserver of the Root, Nahagliiv. Or just an Odah as soon as you play it for more board control!

Suppress is such a great card, at zero mana it shines so incredibly well. You can basically silence a minion (which is major value on its own) without spending any mana! Amazing.

Snake Tooth Necklace is key to this deck, as you need some healing to make it to the lategame. Not a lot of healing though, that is why Snake Tooth suffices.

Cliff Racer is basically just a 2 for 1 card. Use it ideally to trade and survive, but if you need to kill a minion to preserve your life total, go for it. Even if it means you need to silence it to get it out of the fog (like a 7/4).

Skooma can help Varanis or Thieves Guild trade into a minion, or you can just place the lethal on itself to contest an enemy minion. I felt like this card was necessary to make some necessary trades in the early game to transition smoothly into the mid game.

Haunting Spirit works well in this deck because of the cards in the early game. The gift can really help to make some early game trades or at least have a big body on the board.

Shadow Shift is amazing. It allows you to cheat the game by moving a minion and also draws you a card. For one mana! It really doesn’t get any better than that.

That is it for this deck guide guys!

Happy dueling!


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