Today I would like to discuss a topic that is very, very important in cardgames. Veterans should be aware of this, but this is something I discovered only recently.

So for the longest time I struggled with the idea of Elder Scrolls Legends being a luck based game. I actually considered this, even with my background in Hearthstone, which proves that I should not consider luck in any cardgame lightly. But I couldn’t help but actually think that Elder Scrolls Legends is luck based.

For example, I would control the board and go face whenever I could, and my opponent would hit a prophecy or draw a card that would destroy my board. Leaving me with nothing.

Or I would control the board but my opponent would find a way to swarm the board and take advantage by force, leaving me defenseless.

But one thing I failed to realise was, that I could actually take these factors in consideration, and play to them to swing them in my advantage. What I mean is that I could have chosen not to go face if I would suspect that giving my opponent any more cards would give him a significant advantage.

Or I could hold back on some of my cards (guards in particular) and play the guards in whatever lane gets swarmed by my opponent.

All of these factors can be accounted for. If you play a control deck, make sure you have hard area of effect removal in your deck. If you play an aggro deck, make sure you have cards that can get by guards.

But it’s not just a matter of playing the right cards. It’s also a matter of playing the cards at the right time, and in the right lane. For example, my opponent would play a 3/3 and I wanted to play my own Haunting Spirit but I had no other minions on the board. I chose to play my Haunting Spirit in the opposite lane so that the 3/3 can’t kill it. The turn after I would play another minion and that way I would gain a board advantage, because of the Last Gasp of the Haunting Spirit.

Always keep in mind that you don’t have to play anything. Sometimes playing evasive is the right play. Sometimes playing a Lightning Bolt on a 1/1 is the right play (I’m looking at Blood Pact Messenger). And sometimes playing nothing and taking 10 damage is the right play. All these plays will come with experience but I would like to encourage new players to think outside of the box instead of making the so called “optimal play”. Thinking outside of the box will expand your experience and skills. Experimenting with certain plays will make you a better player.

So next time you play a match, consider all of the options available to you, even the ones that seem crazy!

Happy dueling!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, I was kind of in a hurry writing this but I hope you got the message. If you did enjoy this article why not click that follow button at the bottom of this article!


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