Hey guys!

So I watched Fast 8 previous night, amazing movie! But there was one quote from Dom that really caught my attention, it went something like this “It’s not the car, but the driver”. This got me thinking about Elder Scrolls Legends and the fact that there are so many decks out there on the internet. These decks are created by players that know what they are doing and are a great insurance to ensure your are playing a good deck.

But are wins guaranteed with the best deck? Absolutely not, and here’s why.

When I started netdecking in Hearthstone I started with a Paladin deck. It took me a while to get the full deck but after I got it I had a lot of fun playing it. I didn’t reach legend though, although the author said I could. Granted I did change one card but in my opinion that shouldn’t affect the deck in any way.

Now why did I not hit legend?

One thing I notice in Elder Scrolls Legends in particular is that there are a lot of situations and a lot of plays in response to these situations. You have a certain type of deck, like Midrange or Control or Aggro, but your opponent has created a situation where you can’t live up to your deck’s fullest potential.

The way to push out a win is to turn an unfavorable situation into a favorable one. This only comes with experience and skill, something that a netdeck can’t give you. This is only gained from experience with the respective deck and with the game itself.

The netdeck won’t give you an automatic win, it might give you an edge against lesser decks. But as you climb the ranks to rank 5 where there are other players with netdecks similar to your own deck’s tier, your advantage will be nullified.

So a netdeck isn’t the answer to hit legend, experience and skill is. Because even the best decks out there are worthless in the hands of an unexperienced and unskilled player.

Happy dueling!


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