Hey guys, today’s Card Spotlight features a card that I love very much, Haunting Spirit!


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Haunting Spirit is a very versatile card that can give you huge tempo when played well, and even force out some removal from your opponent. It is a scary card indeed!

Play Haunting Spirit with the intention to transfer the buff to another minion. You do not need to worry about the value decreasing as the value of this minion will not drop until turn 8 or 9 when there are actually minion on the board to deal with the buff.

You can use this card to put a lot of pressure on your opponent. This card is no joke, your opponent will try to remove it even if it costs him premium removal! At worst you can bait out a silence with this card.

I recommend 3 copies of this card in a heavy control/midrange deck, at the expense of 2 young mammoth’s. In a lighter midrange deck I would recommend 2 copies of this card and 3 copies of young mammoth.

I wouldn’t recommend this card in any aggro deck unless the deck actually curves into the late game. Then you can afford a dead turn in the early game to boost your later game.

Rarity: Rare

Cost: 100 gems

Card art: 10/10 – The way they captured the despair on her face and her body language, it’s perfect. This card art captures the title perfectly.

Effect: 8/10 – The card effect is a little too op, +2/+2 would have been better. Even as a purple card, this card can be played for 3 mana, which does not relate with the motto of purple (long game). Rather the effect can cause a huge tempo in the early game, causing the game to end early rather than later. See my theory “Is Haunting Spirit a blunder card?” for more on this topic.

Stats: 10/10 – Nothing wrong with the stats, especially with the effect, vanilla stats are more than suited for this card.

Copies recommended: 3 for heavy control or 2 for light midrange

Best played: Early through mid

Preferred lane: Normal lane

Preferred use: To give the buff to another minion, indirectly pressuring your opponent

Combos well with: Wind Keep Spellsword

Preferred deck type: Heavy control and Midrange types



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