Hey guys, so I would like to continue my blog of yesterday about mistakes. Far to often I feel like I get caught up in the fact that I made a mistake in Elder Scrolls Legends. I feel like the game is over, like I won’t be able to repair that mistake. But that may not always be the case. Sometimes mistakes can lead to a situation that you have not predicted before, a situation that brings new options, new opportunities.

In an episode of Playmaker from League of Legends I saw a while ago, a pro League of Legends player explains this thought. Kayle overextends and dies to Hecarim. The pro player who plays Olaf jungle goes top lane to get the farm because the turret would otherwise waste them. Hecarim backs away when Olaf enters. But after Olaf returns to jungle, Hecarim gets greedy and tries to get the farm before recalling. The pro player calls this his first mistake. He says it is solo queue so the enemy jungler might not be around top, and he goes back to top lane for the kill on Hecarim. He has ghost, Q and he is farmed up, 1 level higher than Hecarim. This all factors into an easy kill onto Hecarim.

Kayle returns to the top lane but sees an opportunity to teleport bot and get an easy kill on Lucian. After the kill on Lucian the bot lane can seize dragon.

This all started because Kayle made a mistake, overextending and dying, snowballing into Hecarim getting greedy and Kayle being able to teleport to bot lane under the radar, since she was still in the fog of war when she teleported. So Kayle made a mistake, which translated into an opportunity for dragon in the end.

We all make mistakes in games and in Elder Scrolls Legends in particular. This does not mean that the game is over though, far from it. If you played a Mantikora on an empty board because you thought it was a good idea but you realized you should’ve played a Night Talon Lord instead. Your opponent only sees you play the Mantikora, in his mind you don’t have any other minion and are desperate to finish the game. If he has a removal spell he will use it on the Manti allowing you to safely play your Night Talon Lord.

The game is not over when you make a mistake, it just means new opportunities have risen.

Happy dueling!


Playmaker: Catalyst — Reignover | League of Legends


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