Hey guys,

So if any of you ever played Dark Souls you know what I am talking about. You know the fear when you step into that mist, not knowing if there’s just another area or a boss fight at the other side. You know the split second doubt that enters your mind: “should I use my homeward bone to spend my souls?”. But we all know how that goes, your curiosity takes the better of you and you step in the mist regardless of your soul count at that moment. Because you aren’t going to travel all that way back again right? And then you realize, the mist has not cleared up, and you know you are in trouble. A cutscene begins, and you see your doom reveal itself…

Dark Souls, truly a masterpiece of a game (all 3 parts). But this game is not unfair, or impossible, or out to make you suffer defeat over and over again. As MrsViolence, a twitch streamer said something like this: “You learn from your mistakes, and you come back again to win, you aint giving up like a (insert adult lango here)”. But MrsViolence was right, deep down we all know it, and that is why we love the Souls games. It’s not impossible. Every boss, every enemy has a particular moveset that you must learn. And when you learn them, you can defeat the boss without taking a single hit, okay maybe while taking a few dozen hits, but you still defeat the boss! And the reward is sweet, very sweet.

So, there you have it, nothing good comes easy, ever. But the reward for all that hard work is sweet and makes it all worth it.

The same can be said for Elder Scrolls Legends. Sure the road to Legend is hard, very very hard. But when you actually achieve it you can bask in the knowledge that you have achieved something amazing (I presume since I haven’t actually hit Legend yet).

Happy dueling guys!


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