Hey guys,

So I once again ran out of ideas, so I decided to do a card spotlight! If you want a detailed explanation of the card you can read the text below, otherwise, you can skip the text below and read the bulletpoints.

Dragontail Savior

Play Dragontail Savior whenever you can, the earlier the better. It’s value decreases the later ingame you go, so when you have mana available, definitely drop this card.

This card can be used to pressure your opponent or to trade into a big minion. The latter won’t happen at all so best used to pressure your opponent or trade into a small minion early on (hence this card is best played early on). Heck, you can even play this card on it’s own in a lane, which brings me to my next point. This card is best played in the normal lane so that you can choose what you trade it into. This is no card you want to save!

I recommend 3 copies of this card because it is a solid early game card and you want to draw it early.

This card is best used in a Midrange deck, simply because it’s way too slow for aggro and a little too bad for control to use efficiently. Why? That’s a good question.

It’s too slow for aggro because of the 2 initial attack. If you draw this card early on you won’t be able to play it and it will essentially be a dead card.

If you draw this card early in a control deck, you will be able to trade but it will die easily to a Crushing Blow. I recommend using Wind Keep Spellsword in a control deck.

This card combos well with cards like Enchanted Plate to keep it alive longer.

Rarity: rare

Cost: 100 gems

Card art: 6/10 (sorry)

Effect: 8/10

Stats: 8/10

Copies recommended: 3

Best played: early

Preferred lane: normal lane

Preferred use: pressure your opponent

Combos well with: Enchanted Plate

Preferred decktype: Midrange


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