Hey guys!

So I have been playing Brawlhalla for a while and I have enjoyed some wins and suffered some defeats. But one mistake I noticed throughout my own play and sometimes my opponent’s was that we would use heavy attacks recklessly. Heavy attacks are attacks that take some time to set up and some time to recover from, leaving you open for attacks in both stages.

So I have been struggling with that issue for a while and this is what I figured out. I have been using Hattori almost exclusively and I would use her heavy attacks only as finishers (due to her low strength). This actually improved my game because I utilized her mobility and fast attack speed by using light attacks only to bash my opponent to the red zone. Once I was confident I could knock him offstage I would fish for heavy attack finishers.

When I switched to other characters I noticed an immediate issue. I didn’t know when or how to use their heavy attacks. Even a character as Queen Nai, I had a hard time connecting heavy attacks. So what I did was try my best to manouver around the stage as best as I can, only fishing for light attacks to connect. This method actually improved my game a ton and helped me stay alive for longer because I would no longer be open for attacks by recklessly using my heavy attacks.

So when you use a character for the first time, use exclusively light attacks to get used to the characters mobility and attack speed. Once you are comfortable with light attacks you can start experimenting with strong attacks, basics first!

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