Hello dear readers!

Today I would like to talk about the road to succes. What does it take to get to the top? Hard work and dedication, sure. Some of the top players have been in the game for many years, that’s how they have honed their skills to the level they are at now.

But does this mean that you have to spend every day practicing until you burn out and can’t even look at the game anymore? Or should you practice within specific hours, everything in moderation!

I once read a quote which goes something like “Practice too little and you will fail, practice too much and you will fail aswell”. This holds true for nearly anything, from practicing an instrument to a sport to practicing cardgames like Elder Scrolls Legends.

If you practice too much your concentration level will start to fade and you won’t be able to practice efficiëntly (as read on bulletproofmusician.com, I don’t even know how I got there, Google I guess). I will link the article in the endnotes.

Anyway, the article actually makes some very good points. It talks about practicing mindlessly versus practicing mindfully. Mindless practice means that you just practice hours upon hours until you find something you don’t like and improve it.

I have been guilty of this method for almost all my Elder Scrolls Legends career (around a year). I just put a new deck together, and I played and played until I found something I didn’t like. This is actually a very inefficiënt way of playing because you just play until you happen to notice something wrong with the deck instead of actively thinking about what you can improve about the deck.

So after reading the article on bulletproofmusician.com I noticed a nice method mentioned in the article. It says that you should record your performance and actively listen to it. This way you will be able to find improvements much quicker. And that’s when I realized that this method works for Elder Scrolls Legends aswell!

I use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for streaming (which I haven’t in a few weeks, sigh). OBS has a nice feature of recording your gameplay. This can be used to record any matches I play and I can analyze them afterward, genius!

This method will actually motivate you more because instead of mindlessly (and most importantly boringly) playing match after match only counting your wins and losses, you actively progress toward greater skill by analyzing your matches!

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Happy dueling guys!


Link to the article on bulletproofmusican.com:



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