Hey guys!

Today I would like to present 3 strengths of Spellsword. I have been playing Spellsword for a while and I would like to make a case as to why you should play this class!

#1: Spellsword is awesome (at controlling the board)

Spellsword has amazing tools for controlling the mid- and lategame. In the early game you should rather bank on creatures like Kvatch Soldier than Execute to carry the early. This is because Kvatch is actually a creature that can protect you against multiple minions. I would recommend using removal spells in the mid- lategame unless you absolutely need to remove an early minion (Daggerfall Mage).

#2: Options for Aggro-Midrange aswell as Slow-Midrange

You can play Spellsword as Aggro by picking agressive minions like Fifth Legion Trainer and Dragontail Savior and going face.

But I recommend playing Spellsword as a slow Control-Midrange class since this is where it really shines. You have numerous tools at your disposal to control the board.

#3 Spellsword is awesome.

Well there you have it! 3 reasons why you should play Spellsword. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this article why not hit that follow button at the bottom of this page.

Happy dueling!



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