What’s up guys, hope you all had a happy easter!

Today I would like to present beginner tip #4! It is about a topic that lost me a lot of games when I first started out with cardgames, namely Hearthstone. When I first started out I went face with literally everything. Minions, spells, even the hero power of my Mage! It took a quote from TrumpSC on his stream “Fireball is not only for going face!” to realize that you can also trade with spells and minions. And my winrate went up after this important lesson.

Especially in The Elder Scrolls Legends, where every runebreak triggers a carddraw, it’s very important to trade and sparingly go face. This is very true for beginners, who naturally should not know when it is safe to give your opponent a card or two.

I would recommend beginners to trade constantly, and only go face if you can set up lethal for the next turn or the turn after that. Be very cautious going face, because in doing so you essentially give you opponent more cards and more options of dealing with your minions on board.

I would like to recommend my “Item Battlemage OTK” deck I made when I played in the beta. I had no idea when to go face so I adopted this “One turn Kill” method and it has worked out amazingly well for me. It offered me great training in controlling the board and getting to know the cards when I first started with Elder Scrolls Legends.

After adopting such a one turn kill playstyle I am positive you can make your own decks and develop your own feel for when to go face with your specific deck.

Happy dueling!


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