Hey guys!

Today I would like to present beginner tip #3. It is an obvious tip, but one I catch myself disobeying most of the time. But analyzing each play every turn is a great way to lift your skill to a higher level.

Consider this example of a pro Hearthstone player, Lifecoach. Lifecoach, even though he is a pro at the game, takes his time each turn to analyze the various plays he can make. He is even infamous for roping on turn 1! This kind of focus is extremely beneficial and can help beginners push themselves to higher skills levels.

Now you don’t need to go all technical and predict the percentages of drawing certain cards, but it is helpful to analyze the various plays you can make. Even as an Aggro deck there are tons of plays to make each turn (i.e. evade that guard or sacrifice some damage into it).

Always make sure you analyze each play you can make and make the play that you believe is the best play, even if it’s a play you have never made before. This is how you push your limits and surely you will raise your skill level because you think about each possible play every turn.

Happy dueling!


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