Hey guys!

So I have once again run out of ideas. I mean I have once again thought of a tip for our beginners (future pro’s) over at Elder Scrolls Legends. This time it’s to build around a card or two, enjoy!

So usually when I built a deck, when I was just a beginner player, I would put all the cards I like in one deck. This usually meant that my deck would have no specific theme or no specific combo or strategy. It’s very important to have a strategy, since this is ofcourse a strategy game.

So what I recommend is that you start a deck with several cards that you really want in the deck. This could be anything, from Haafingar Marauder to Ayrenn to Kvatch Soldier, it doesn’t matter.

Once you have picked the cards you really want in the deck, it’s time to start choosing cards that compliment them or cards that really go well with them. Like Eastmarch Crusader with Haafingar Marauder. Or Preserver of the Root with Haunting Spirit for a more control styled deck. The possibilities are endless. But it’s important to know that the initial cards to you deck should define the rest of your deck.

If you taylor your deck specifically to a few cards you will have extreme focus on a specific theme. On a specific area where your deck really shines. This in turn will help you to make more focussed decisions ingame and learn a lot faster.

So, focus on your initial few cards and build your deck around it for maximum efficiency!

Thank you for reading guys! If you haven’t already, why not hit that follow button at the bottom of the page.

Happy dueling!


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