Hello dear readers!

On request of a comment I would like to continue an article I have written quite a while ago. About how you should say “hello” more often. Now let me start off by saying I was completely wrong. Okay maybe not completely. Actually I wasn’t wrong at all, let me explain.

I would just like to say upfront that I sometimes feel like not saying “hello” at the start of a match at all. It’s because I feel upset if I am on a losing streak and that is perfectly normal. Everyone loses and we would only be lying to ourselves if we said it doesn’t bother us. So it’s okay to not say hello. Only say hello when you feel like it.

What I believe is that you start out on a rollercoaster of emotions. You win, you lose, you start to want to win, you start to want to win so bad that you quit the game after a losing streak. Then you come back to the game and try again. It’s all perfectly normal.

I would like to share a story that I think clarifies these emotions perfectly. It’s a story about 2 players of Quake Live (a fast paced arena shooter). One player was perfectly calm, not raging, not judging, not insulting, we will call him the calm player. The other player on the other hand, was raging, judging, insulting, we will call him the other player. Both players were of master level of the game, proven by their elo (points gathered by wins and lost by losses).

The calm player didn’t say much, he just played the game and asked the other player what map he wanted to play at. He said I will face you on any map you want, except for Bloodrun because that map is boring. The other player picked a map and they played. During the match the calm player kept smiling by pressing a key that types a smiley in chat without actually having to type it. Now I do not recall exactly how the match went but at the end of the match the other player actually started to rage at the calm player. Calling him names like monkey and judging the calm player’s playstyle. The other player responded with silence. He simply asked, what map the other player wanted to play at next and even asked the other player to pick his best map. Because the calm player wanted to face the other player at their best map. The other player responded and they played the match. During the match the calm player again kept smiling.

The calm player won once again and once again the other player raged and refused to accept defeat. A third map was decided upon and the calm player won again. Still smiling as ever.

Now what made it so that the calm player won? What made it so that the calm player kept smiling? Both players were in the same tier. The match should be even. Ofcourse later I found out that the calm player was actually one of the best players in the game, an oldskool player with a new name. But that is beside the point.

I believe that the calm player kept smiling and kept asking for 100% of the other player because he didn’t care about winning or losing. I believe he just wanted a good match where he would have to push himself to his limit to try to win, rather than an easy match where he didnt have to try to win. That’s why he asked for the other player’s best map. And that’s why he kept smiling, he loved the match itself. Not the fact that he was winning or losing, but the match itself.

Now I believe that this kind of state of mind comes with time and experience. To be in such a state of mind where you don’t care about the outcome of the match. Where every match itself is a rewarding and fun experience. It is easy to have this state of mind, but it is extremely hard to maintain it.

If you can reach and maintain that state of mind, then you can have fun in every match. Even if you lose. I think it comes with experience, after the rollercoaster of emotions. After the losses, but then again, it is a great reward.

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Happy dueling!



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