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Quick disclaimer though, this article was formed entirely by my own opinion and experience. I did not do any research and therefor I hope you take this article with a grain of salt. And a quick thanks to the players who made the decks mentioned in this article!

Allright now for the article!

This will be a series of articles which I will write when I run out of ideas, I mean when I have thought of a new tip for beginners (future pro’s)!

It’s very, very important to start with the basics with anything. And Elder Scrolls Legends is no different. Heck, I saw Boomslife use this method when he created a deck. I am ofcourse talking about the mana curve.

Story time

I have been watching Boomslifetv on twitch for a while now and he is an exceptional player. But what amazed me was that, when he created a new deck, some aggro mono red deck, he kept an extremely close eye on his mana curve. He was like, hmm I have some room in the 4 mana slot so let’s add this card. But I also want this card, which card can I remove to make room for that mana slot. It was amazing to watch him build a deck.

Now I looked at some decks that I build, and the mana curve was all over the place! It was like a rollercoaster, high and low and high again. But the funny thing is that it did work. I had some lethals, I had some card draws etc. I think the reason it worked was because it was so well constructed, theme wise. Every card complimented the other one and they worked in synergy with each other. So does that mean that mana curve doesn’t matter? I am starting to think so, defeating the whole purpose of this article!

Mana curve matters!

Not quite, I believe that mana curve matters in Aggro and fast Midrange decks. In these decks it is vital to draw fast and play fast. Especially in Aggro you want to draw and play fast, so your Mana curve is extremely important. But also in Midrange decks, you want to be able to grab a hold of the board from the beginning and keep it that way as you attack your opponent throughout the game. See my Spellsword Midrange ft. Nahagliiv deck for more about this (under decks).

Good? Mana curves

Well I am not going to say that I know what a good mana curve should look like, that is extremely dependant on your own deck theme. But I would like to display some Mana curves from players that have submitted decks on legends-decks. I will link to each respective deck in the endnotes. The Mana curves are displayed in no specific order. Also I have not looked at the specific decks so I do not know if they are good or not, I will leave that to your own judgement.

#1 Aggro warrior deck by Yannick YAD

Now this is a beautiful Mana curve. It reaches it’s peak at 2 mana and then nicely curves down and never rises again (okay that sounds pretty depressing). This mana curve is so good because it’s meant for an aggro deck and it makes sure that you have a good chance of drawing cards and playing them right away. See what I mean with “draw and play”? Amazing, good job by Yannick.

Aggro warrior Yannick YAD

#2 Prophecy Battlemage by razorhorn

Well this is a perfect example of Mana curves being taylored to your specific deck. The Mana curve is all over the place but it could work very well if the theme is Aggro, because of the hard peak at 4 mana. Also the deck is a prophecy deck (the title says so) so I think that the objective is to get hit and break runes and swarm your opponent that way. Interesting Mana curve indeed.

 Prophecy Battlemage razorhorn

#3 Fantastic Fours by justinlarsson

Oh this is an interesting Mana curve. It climbs up to 4 and then drops down and commits to the drop by never rising again. This could most definitely be a Midrange deck because it climbs to 4 mana and drops down. This type of mana curve is well suited for Midrange.

Fantastic Fours justinlarson

Allright that’s it! I hope you have gained some inspiration for your own decks. Rule of thumb to keep in mind, Aggro and fast Midrange = short and snappy Mana curve. Slow Midrange and Control = long and climbing Mana curve!

Allright guys thank you for reading! Make sure to hit that follow button if you haven’t already!



Aggro warrior deck by Yannick YAD:


Prophecy Battlemage by razorhorn:


Fantastic Fours by justinlarson:







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