Hey guys!

So I talked about how knowledge is power in any cardgame in a previous blog and it’s absolutely true. But it did not hit me until just now how absolutely essential knowledge actually is. Let me start at the beginning.

So I decided to stream a bit off-schedule today and I saw this quest to gain 70 gold if you win 5 games with Monk. I was like, well I have to save up for the expansion anyway so why not. So I picked this fairly recent Monk deck I made like 6 weeks ago and started playing. All was fine until I crashed into an Assassin deck player and he happened to have Gravesinger. Now I can’t say I hate this card because I will play it when I unlock it. But the game just basically got won by this single card because I could not answer it for several turns.

Needless to say I got frustrated and exited the game, ending the stream after around 30 minutes. Deciding I would just stream again on-schedule.

Stil feeling frustrated I decided to go to The Elder Scrolls reddit and see if there were any threads on this Gravesinger card. I clicked on a thread that appealed me (I am not going say the title or anything) and read that the writer of the thread was also frustrated but with another card. I read the post and the comment and the first comment I read actually completely changed my mood around.

It was a comment of a player who streams the game and I know he is a top tier player. He actually calmly explained to the writer of the thread that the card is meant to punish amateur players who don’t play around it properly or don’t expand their resources enough. I was absolutely amazed by this high level analysis of this commentor.

The lesson knowledge is power truly sunk in after reading that comment. I realized how little I knew about the game and how much I still had to learn. I have absolutely no right to call a card overpowered or anything if I have little to no experience with that card. It’s easy to call a card overpowered after losing against it but when you actually know the weakness of the card you can play around it. Or make a deck specifically build to beat that card.

The top tier legend players are there for a reason. They have an absolute understanding of the game that exceeds any beginner player in rank 1 or lower. I am not saying this to insult anyone but, I realized that the legend player who commented has an understanding of the game on a very, very high level and that, only that, is the reason why he is a legend player. And I respect the legend players for that.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if you want to reach legend rank, then you need knowledge and experience of the game through numerous games played. I don’t think there is another way.

Happy dueling!


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