Hey guys!

So back when I was playing Elder Scrolls Legends for the first time I didn’t know which cards to craft. Heck, I thought that Quin’rawl Burglar was a bad card! But it didn’t really matter because Elder Scrolls Legends is actually quite generous in giving cards (6 per pack, leveling up for beginners, 3 wins). And I love it for that.

But after you save enough dust (not by disenchanting, because I firmly believe you do not need to disenchant in Elder Scrolls Legends) you have to make a choice as to what Legendary to craft. Yes I recommend crafting Legendaries first, especially Unique Legendaries. Because Unique Legendaries are a one-time-investment of 1,200 dust.

After those Unique Legendaries and after you have had some experience under your belt, you can start investing in those cheaper, Epic cards. Because after some experience you will know which Epic cards you will want to craft.

*Imporant notes: I will first note in which type of decks they can work best (control, midrange, aggro) then I will make a case as to why you should craft these amazing cards first, then I will note the downside of the cards.

So if you think that the downside of the cards will make the investment a waste, then feel free not to invest it and rather invest your dust in one of the other cards on this list or something you had your eyes on yourself. 

Because at the end of the day, there is no better card to craft than a card that you like yourself. Even if it is considered low tier, I believe it’s best to save up and craft that one card that you wanted ever since you layed eyes on it. 

So let’s dive into the list! It will be a top-10 form list with the most important card first on nr 1 and this leads me to…

Nr. 1: Mundus Stone (Neutral)

Recommended deck types: Control, Midrange.

Oh yeah, I think I said this in an article before. Mundus Stone is an amazing card for any deck, but maybe less so for aggro. Mundus can actually turn games around when you hit the right keywords and it actually benefits every minion that you play ever, when it’s in play.

Downside: The only downside is that you opponent will remove it. A lot.

Nr. 2: Odahviing (Neutral)

Recommended deck types: Control

Odah! The almighty Odahviing is a must have card in control decks. In control you usually drag the game out to 12 mana and beyond so you should have no problem playing Odahviing at 12 mana.

Downside: The 12 mana is the main reason why Odahviing isn’t good in Midrange and especially Aggro decks. 12 Mana is just way too expensive. At Midrange you usually want to curve the mana at 9 or 10, at max 11 mana. Because by that time you will end the game. I will write an article about this sometime next week.

#3: Nahagliiv (Purple)

Nahagliiv is an amazing card. Period.

Downside: The only downside is that it can and will be silenced if your opponent has silence. But that still doesn’t make it bad, its still a 7/7 that your opponent needs to deal with. Other minor downsides are that it’s vulnerable against Lethal and also Finish off  and Leaflurker from Green.

#4: Miraak, Dragonborn (Gold)

Miraak is basically a Mindcontrol, with a body of 5/5! It allows you to steal any creature from your opponent and also strengthen your board with a 5/5.

Downside: The only downside I can think of is that the stolen creature remains in the same lane. So if you steal an 8/8 and your opponent happens to have lethal in that lane, then it’s dead on your opponent’s turn. But still, you denied your opponent an 8/8, so it’s not that bad.

Exceptional card. A card that is not a Unique Legendary but should be so thats why I include it in this list because it’s strength is that of a Unique Legendary should be.

#5: Supreme Attromancer (Blue)

Supreme Attromancer is a devastating force on your side of the board. It basically forces your opponent to commit his entire next turn removing the Attro plus the other 2 Attro’s (get it?). Your opponent wants to remove the Supreme because of its effect (or at least silence it, thats 1 card). Then it needs to remove the other 2 attro’s (2 more cards, most of the time). So you get basically a 3 for 1 most of the time with Supreme Attro.

Downside: Is there really a downside to this card? Well if I have to be picky… I really can’t think of any downside on this card. But that must be because of my rosecolored glasses in which I view this card. Man it’s such an amazing card. Talk about taking control of the board!

Happy dueling!



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