Idea owner: Peekaboo

Image owner: Magic the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast and the respective artist(s) of the image

Artist: Jason Chan

Original image and card:

Hey guys, today I have a very, very overpowered card idea. This card might never see creation because it is so overpowered. Think the Egyptian God Cards that Pegasus intentionally never released because they were so powerful.

So I saw this card, Angel of Hope in Google Images and I was like, this card has to be some sort of protector. A protector of the other cards in your deck. And it also has to be a card that can’t be removed easily so that it can fulfil it’s purpose even better, protecting your minions even better.

I am pretty sure that there is no other card in The Elder Scrolls Legends that can’t be damaged by either spells or actions. That makes this card even more powerful.

I found it fitting to Willpower since Willpower is all about power in numbers. This card also needs to be a Unique Legendary because of its enormous potential.


Defender of the Meek



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