Hey guys!

So yesterday I posted about how every move must have a purpose and I glanced over the subject of Goku complimenting his opponents on being stronger than him. I think you can guess what this post is going to be about!

When I first started the game Elder Srolls Legends I was all about the fun. Every match was new and exciting and I didn’t care about winning or losing. I just cared about playing the match and having fun. But after a certain number of matches the inevitable happened: I started to want to win and more importantly, I started to not want to lose. 

This is important because this makes me kind of anxious of playing games at times. For example, last month I was on a winning streak and I catapulted myself to rank 2. Afterwards I set a goal of hitting rank 1. I was excited, but after a couple of losses I lost faith that I could get rank 1. I lost faith that I could win any matches and therefor I stopped playing as much as I did before. Everytime I felt like playing there was this feeling of anxiety, what if I lose? What is the point of playing if I lose? So I decided not to play a match.

At the end of the season, one or two days before the season ended I kind of went on a playing spree, playing whenever I could, but it was too late. Because of the fact that I didn’t play enough during the season because of this excuse of “what if I lose, I don’t feel like it”, I actually couldn’t race to rank 1 because of lack of time.

Now let’s look at Goku for a minute. Especially his fight with Freeza. Goku did not waste a second thinking “what if I lose, I can’t do it”. Instead he trained and trained until he was ready to face Freeza. He improved himself, working on himself until he was up to the challenge. Eliminating every doubt in his mind that he would ever lose.

And when he thought he was ready, he went into the battlefield without a second thought and faced this mountain of a challenge without fear of ever losing. He gave the fight his absolute all and more and it was this kind of mettle that, I believe, led to his victory (sorry if I spoiled it but I had to include the victory part, because no one likes cliffhangers right? Okay I love cliffhangers but that is not the point!).

The point is, if you want to achieve a certain rank in Elder Scrolls Legends or any game for that matter, there will always be moments where you will doubt yourself, your deck and even your own skills as a player. But the most important thing is to remember that every game, be it a win or loss, contributes to the end result of achieving your goal. It does not matter if you lose 10 games in a row if you win 20 games in a row after that because of the lessons you learned from those losses. You will reach your goal eventually.

Happy dueling!


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