Hey dear readers!

So if you have ever watched a Beat em up game tournament you might have noticed that the players aren’t just button mashing. They are actually making very, very calculated moves meant to either damage the opponent or defend themselves from damage. Sometimes the players just stand there for a second doing nothing!

I would like to take an example of a pro player but first I would like to tell a little story.

I was playing Tekken on my PSP a couple of years ago and I fought my way through the different levels against the different AI characters. Everything went well until I challenged Jin Kazama. At first I thought, okay, this guy will be easy. Boy was I wrong!

Jin had a very intriguing way of fighting. He kinda stood there at the other side of the map and waited for me to come to him. So I rushed to him and started hitting him, except for one minor thing. Every time I punched him he defended from the attack and immediately countered with an attack of his own! It was amazing! There was nothing I could do but I never had that much fun in a fighting game. I was absolutely amazed by his calm way of fighting.

He kinda stood there, assured that nothing could harm him and he let me take the fight to him. He himself never initiated a move (that I remember) and it was always me who threw the first punch, and ironically also who received the last punch!

It was absolutely amazing, props to the developers of Tekken to create such an awesome character that has such an awesome fighting style.

Now for the example of the pro players. When I played Street Fighter vs. Tekken a couple years ago I took a liking to Ken, a characted from Street Fighter. I decided to look on youtube for a montage on him to see how the good players play him and boy was I in for a delight!

The pro player called Momochi was especially good at Ken. It was an absolute pleasure to watch him play at such a high level. I am not skilled enough to debunk his exceptional plays, so I will leave it up to you to see it for yourself, I will link the video in the endnotes.

I haven’t been able to find the exact video, but I did find another one that I watched in that time, I will link it in the endnotes.

But how does this all apply to Elder Scrolls Legends? In Elder Scrolls Legends, if you just do anything without a plan, you will lose. I doesn’t matter if you have an Aggro deck, a Midrange deck, or a Control deck. Every deck has a specific playstyle and they must be respected in order to maximize your chances of winning the game. Every deck has it’s weakness but the greatest weakness is not following the playstyle of your specific deck. Ofcourse there are exceptions but those are unique for each deck and you will find them with enough experience with your respective main deck(s).

So next time you find yourself in a game, try to make it a habit to think before you make a play. If you want to play a creature, ask yourself why you want to play that creature, in what lane and why in that specific lane. Ask yourself what impact playing the creature will have on your opponent’s turn, on your next turn and on your opponent’s next turn.

By mindfully making decisions you will increase the chances of winning by tenfold because you will have a purpose with every play you make instead of just playing a creature because you had the mana.

Endnotes: Momochi’s Montage (credits to The BEAST) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpit4ynLi34

Happy dueling!


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