Idea owner: Peekaboo

Image owner: Magic the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast and the respective artist(s) of the image

Hey dear readers,

Peekaboo here with another card idea.

So I looked at this beautiful, amazing piece of art of Magic The Gathering and I immediately thought, this deserves mystical stats and keywords. So here we go, enjoy!

P.S. I didn’t know which color to assign this card to, since they all seem to have sufficient removal. I initially wanted to assign this to Green, but Green already has a 1/1 lethal with Charge (Territorial Viper), so yeah, I just left it neutral!

I decided to give it +4/+4 at the expense of lethal (would be too good otherwise) after it loses ward to compensate for it’s 1/1 stats. The fact that the creature can’t be silenced makes the buff likely to happen.

Silver Serpent


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