So I felt like this was a mandatory topic since this is basically a foundational question, does luck matter? Well the quick answer is not really. Luck does not matter that much, the decisions you make each turn snowball into a win or loss.

Let’s look at a few examples to really clarify why luck does not matter.

First let’s look at a classic hearthstone game that I just googled (but trust me it is a viable example).

Look at Kolento, taking all his time to decide whether to mulligan cards from his starting hand. Afterwards Strifecro decides to put the Undertaker on the left of the Taunt. Frodan makes a comment on that play and says that he does this to play Argus on 2 non-taunts that are on the right of the Taunt. This is an extremely detailed but obvious skilled play. Something that required a lot of thinking about the turns following to pull off. Strifecro continuous to make well thought out, complex plays and eventually takes over the board in such a fashion that Kolento can’t come back from it.

Let’s look at another example, this time going back to the Quake Classic ESL match: Rapha vs. Cooller on Campgrounds. Rapha explains his thought process behind each decision he made. Who would’ve thought that Quake, a fast paced action shooter would have such incredible depth! Rapha uses all kinds of factors to his advantage, sound, item timing and most importantly, his opponent’s movements. He succesfully dodges his opponent and succesfully bends the situation to his advantage. This allows him to pick up the win in my opinion and is the most important factor in winning in card games, or any other game. If you are able to analyze the situation and bend the situation to your own advantage, you are more likely to win the game.

This is something that we have seen time and time again in Dragonball Z (sorry I just wanted to include that in this post). We see Goku taking on opponents that are stronger than him time and time again. But the odd thing is, he is not afraid of losing! He always pushes himself to his absolute limit with only one goal, to win the fight. When he is on the verge of losing he always analyzes the situation, for example his fight against freeza, he gets pushed underwater and he uses that brief invisibility to analyze the situation and plan his next move. Whether it works or not is history, I’m not gonna spoil that for you if you haven’t seen that episode, but the point is. Goku didn’t rely on luck, he made sure that his next move would surprise his opponent and give him an advantage to winning the fight.

So does luck matter? Well it has some sort of inevitable influence over every situation, like it or not. But we also have influence over the situation. We don’t need to rely on luck to win, we can rely on our own abilities and skills to increase our chances of winning the game.

But at the end of the day, remember that your opponent tries to do the same, and that you should respect him for it. Goku does the same when his opponent gets the upperhand, he never gets mad, he just compliments his opponent on being so strong. But that is an article for another time!

Thank you for reading and happy dueling!


Match Strifecro vs. Kolento:

Match Rapha vs. Cooller breakdown ESL classics:


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