Greetings citizen!

*Important note before I start this article: Only say “Hello” or “Good Game” or “Nice play” etc. when you really mean it and when you genuinely feel like saying it. There is no worse feeling than getting no response when you force yourself to say “Hello” etc.*

You might recognize that from Elder Scrolls Legends, it’s one of the greets from one of the avatars of the game (way to be specific).

Today I would like to discuss the power of saying “hello”.

Far too often I find myself taking the game way too serious. Seeing my opponent as someone I must defeat rather than a fellow player of the game who tries his absolute best to win the game aswell. This moves me away from the fundamental concept of a game, to have fun!

I find that when I say hello at the start of a match that I not only feel good myself, because I actually said something nice to my opponent, but that single greeting also confirms something, that it’s just a game! I tend to take the game way less serious when I greet my opponent, because then I think of him as a fellow player of the game, and I tend to enjoy the game more.

The same goes for saying “Nice play!” or something way harder to do “Good game!”, credit where credit due right?. These statements are guaranteed to make you feel better because it takes a certain mentality to say these things, the mentality of it’s just a game! And isn’t it true? After every play is made and the victor is determined, it’s just another game of many to your road to whatever rank you want to achieve! So why beat the bush around this one loss or that one misplay that caused you to lose, learn from them and move on to the next game, it’s that simple really! And, bonus tip: when you say “Greetings” on the turn after a defeat, you start fresh, you confirm to yourself that this is a new game and anything can happen (man there is an article in this quote).

I would like to take an example, as a bonus to fully clarify this story. I used to play Quake Live back in the day, and I used to spectate matches and watch some matches on youtube. And one thing that stuck by me was that every high skilled player said “gl&hf” or some creative variation of that at the start of the game. I myself was shocked at that time, why would I want my opponent to have “good luck”? Why would I wish him best of luck in defeating me?! It didn’t make sense! And I was absolutely stunned when I read what the said after the game, they said “gg”! Even the player that was defeated! I fainted (not really).

I was after a while that I realized that these players actually enjoyed the game. Ofcourse they care about winning or losing but they actually respect their opponent enough to wish them luck and to say good game to them after the match not matter of a win or loss.

I would like to quote SK Rapha, a Quake Live player and current (or former?) world champion in Quake Live Duels. He said the following during a reflection video of ESL: Classics “A game like this wouldn’t be as good as it was if it wasn’t for the opponent that was across from me. So these games don’t mean anything unless your opponent is as good as you or better”. I think that this shows the mindset of the Quake Live players and this is in my opinion a true example for anyone trying to get better at anything.

Happy dueling!


One thought on “Say “Hello” more often

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