No I am not running out of ideas, what gave you that idea!

Whatsup guys,

I have been playing Battlemage and Scout primarily since I started playing Elder Scrolls Legends. And I have been enjoying them a lot. So for you guys that are just getting started with these classes or feel like they need some tips, here are 3 quick tips for Scout, I will post 3 quick tips on Battlemage tomorrow.

#3: Board control!

Purple and Green are very efficient at controlling the board. Purple is known for its rampy big minions and Green for its ability to finish off wounded creatures. I would definitely recommend Leaflurker and Finish off when playing Scout. Also cards like Haunting Spirit, Young Mammoth and Wind Keep Spellsword to gain massive board control in the early game.

#2: It’s okay to hit face when you are ahead.

Scout is not a control class. The only exception I can find so far is Ramp Scout. Scout is a Midrange class and it’s okay to go face with a Midrange class. This doesn’t mean ignoring the board though. You still need to control the board since Midrange does not always mean aggro (see “Playing Midrange, 3 quick tips” for more on this).

#1: Use your minions to compliment each other.

For example, playing a Haunting Spirit on turn 3 to counter a 3/3 minion is okay. But if you cannot play another minion on turn 4, meaning the Spirit essentially can’t give the buff to another minion is not so okay. You want to make sure you optimize your minions to the best of their ability and that means intending to use the buff from Haunting Spirit everytime you play it. See “Roles of your cards – Know your Queen, Knights and Pawns” for more on this. The buff of Haunting Spirit is a huge tempo swing and can even make aggro opponents trade into the buffed minion!

Bonus tip: Play Young Mammoth in the left lane if you can choose!

Young Mammoth’s breakthrough damage really shines when you get to choose the target for it. Say you play Young Mammoth in the Shadow lane and your opponent plays a 4/4 and a 2/2 in the Shadow lane, your Young Mammoth will die to the 4/4 on his next turn.

Happy dueling guys!


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