Hello guys,

This is (probably) the first part of what will (probably) a series. A series that will (probably) be called “5 quick tips”. How original. Allright today I would like to discuss the Midrange playstyle! Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

#3: Trade first, go face after.

This is an obvious one. I first read about Midrange on Icy Veins. Sottle discussed his Shaman Midrange deck for Hearthstone and one thing (yes one thing!) stuck by me. He said something like this: trade first, go face after, because, and here it is, a Midrange deck is not an aggro deck! So only ignore the board if you think you can safely hit lethal the turn after.

#2: Mana curve matters (but not always).

In my games as a Scout I played a deck that had the worst mana curve. It could literally make my opponent fall of his chair laughing if he could see it. But I made it work because every minion was there for a reason. I deliberately sacrificed the mana curve to only play the minions and spells that I wanted. My win/loss rate was good and I was happy.

But when I hit rank 5 I started to notice that my other scout deck, a mimic one, didnt do that well. This was because I started playing against opponents who had viable decks. And I played a deck that included every card I thought was fun! It’s nice in scenario 1, but not in this scenario. So I started to adjust my cards to create a nice, stable mana curve that curved around 3 – 4 mana. My ranked adventures were healthier since.

Lesson to be learned: Mana curve matters if you want to play Midrange competetively. If you just want to play casually then by all means, make that mana curve a rollercoaster, only including the cards you like!

#1: The rules are flexible.

This is probably one lesson that will be learned only by experience. Consider the following tip that I read on some website (I think it was Icy-veins, the Shaman Midrange deck). It goes something like this: Play control versus aggro and aggro versus control, but sometimes it’s okay to outgrind your opponent that plays control. Talk about confusion! So Midrange is a nice middleground between aggro and control, that’s for sure. But you can also play it as aggro or as control only? That’s new! I must say that I did win a decent amout of Hearthstone ranked games following the guide of Sottle (I will leave the link to the Shaman decks page in the endnote). His tip regarding outgrinding versus control opponents proved to be working. I am not too sure about playing aggro versus control, though playing control versus aggro is definitely recommended. Phew, is your head hurting yet?

I will leave this lesson for you to figure out, mainly because I haven’t yet figured it out fully myself. But this lesson is an interesting one, and definitely something worth keeping in mind when you face an opponent playing a certain styled deck.


The Midrange Shaman deck discussed in this article, oh the nostalgia!


Happy dueling guys!


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