It seems to be rather natural, when you play with a deck and you bump into someone who has a proven superior deck than you. Someone who is heavily favored to win against you. The thought alone can make us crumble and give up. But is that really necessary?

Back when I was playing Hearthstone I liked watching Hearthstone channels on One such channel I was fond of watching was TrumpSC. He explained his decisions each turn and considered the most valuable play each turn. Something I like to do in Elder Scrolls Legends. But one day he was playing a freeze mage and he bumped into someone with a proven winrate that would make most players concede instantly.

But TrumpSC just kept playing. He kept thinking about the most optimal play each turn and kept playing to the best of his ability each turn. I kept thinking why he wouldn’t concede until he said something among the lines of: if there is even a 1% chance of winning I will not concede. It was this believe that allowed him to keep playing the match even when the odds were heavily against him.

And was he right? Do odds not matter? Well I do not recall whether he won or lost the game but it does not matter. As long as you believe you can win, even if you only have a 1% chance of winning, then you can still win.

Another example comes from Poker. I watched a video on youtube starring Daniel, aka “Kidpoker”. He entered the tournament in his normal cheery mood and one thing that he said stood out to me. He said something among the lines of: even if I have 1 chip left, I will still keep going, that’s my state of mind right now. He believed that he could win the tournament with his heart and soul.

If you believe you can win, then there is nothing stopping you. If you believe you can win, you will continue to search for the most optimal play each turn, even when the odds or the board is looking grim. And these optimal plays will eventually snowball into a potential victory.

Happy dueling!







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