haunting-spirit-1I am fond of the card Haunting Spirit. The card is absolutely amazing for 3 mana. But does it make sense in a purple deck? Isn’t it a bit too fast for a color that’s obviously meant to control the board until the late game? Should Haunting Spirit be a red or green card? Isn’t Haunting Spirit a bit too strong for 3 mana? Was Haunting Spirit a blunder?
All valid questions that I asked myself this morning. Starting with the question that I have been asking myself since I played the card consistently in all my purple decks; Is Haunting Spirit too strong?

When I play Haunting Spirit I usually play it to give the gift to another card. The +3/+3 buff that the card gives upon death is absolutely amazing, for me that is. But I usually notice that my opponent doesn’t have a way of dealing with it. The buff is simply too strong for other minions to deal with. My opponent usually needs to commit a removal spell of some sort to it. And I usually notice that, if they don’t have one, they just ignore the Haunting Spirit (great way to tell if your opponent has a removal spell in their hand).

The buff is amazing but what bothers me is the mana cost. The fact that the card can be played at turn 3 or even at turn 2 with the ring doesn’t make sense for a purple deck. Purple is meant as a color for players who like a nice, slow game. You can control the board on your terms until you ramp up enough to activate your supports or just ramp up enough to take over the board with big threaths. This means sacrificing some early game. But with the Haunting Spirit you can sometimes take over the board early with a single huge minion that received the buff and even go face unpunished if you like. This doesn’t seem like a purple card to me.

Haunting Spirit seems like a better card for the red or green players. By giving all red players or all green players an additional option to push for damage early they would receive a boost to what the colors are already good at which is tempo.

And then it wouldn’t even matter that Haunting Spirit is too good for it’s cost. Because it would actually be home, it would be at a color where it belongs.


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