As you build your deck, you might build it around a specific theme. You might build an aggro deck or a control deck. And this is essential, to have a theme in mind when you build a deck. It allows you to play the early and mid turns optimally, i.e. always trading with a control deck or always going face with an aggro deck. But what if you face a situation where you have to deviate from these rules of the theme?

In Elder Scrolls Legends in particular you might face certain situations where you have to deviate from your deck’s set of rules. You might face a situation as a control deck where you have lost control of the board and you fear that you might not be able to take back control before losing your life total. In this situation you might want to reconsider trading.

The only thing more important than staying true to your deck’s strengths is protecting your life total. This is why you might have to go face with a control deck sometimes when you can set up lethal.

Another example is when you have to trade with an aggro deck. When your opponent plays a threathening minion on the board that directly threathens your life points you might want to trade a minion for it. Even if that means giving up some damage.

Do note that the only times you want to make these plays is if there is absolutely no other play that can win you the game. If your life points are in direct danger or if you need to protect another, more valuable minion.

Happy dueling!


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