Hello Guys,

This is going to be a guide blog in which I would like to explain a simple concept when deckbuilding and when playing your decks in a duel. It’s quite simple actually, I would like to take the game Chess as an example.

In Chess you must absolutely protect your King, if your King gets captured, then you lose the game. The King can be compared to your life points, if you lose all your life points then you lose the game. But in order to protect your King you have several pieces at your disposal.

These pieces are different in their functionality and therefor they are fundamentally different in their impact on the game. A Pawn for example can’t do much to impact the game other than move 1 or 2 positions ahead on the board. Therefor this piece could be considered the lowest value piece. The Knight however is more versatile and has the ability to pose more of a threat and have a bigger impact on the board. The Queen is your all powerful piece which is usually played conservative.

This concept of pieces can also apply to any cardgame. You have cards of cheap cost that can be played early on and have no specific impact on the board. A two mana 2/2 creature card for example. These could be considered as your Pawns. But then there are cards who remove some stats from other, enemy, cards or buff your own creature cards. These could be considered your Knights (even if the cards are one or two mana, they are still your valuable Knights!). Then there is your all powerful card, capable of impacting the whole board. Odahviing, for example, is such a card. This 12 mana creature deals 4 damage to each enemy creature on the board upon summon. Odahviing could be considered your Queen (is it even a female dragon?).

The importance of knowing the roles of your cards means that you won’t waste your cards by playing them sub-optimally. Which means playing them on a board that doesn’t achieve their true potential. Playing Odahviing on a board with one 4/4 creature for example, is a sub-optimal play (unless you are in danger of lethal).

Generally your want to play your Pawns on any given turn in the early game to establish presence on the board.Then you want to play your Knights to buff your Pawns or maybe even protect them. In the mid-late game you want to play your Knights to clear the board and bait out your opponent’s removal cards so that you can safely play your Queen and potentially end the game (remember, things rarely go smoothly as planned in cardgames!).

So there you have it guys, know the roles of your cards to make sure you are able to play your cards optimally and clear the path to playing your all powerful Queen!

Happy dueling!


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