Hello guys,

Today I want to talk about the value of cards. People tend to rate the value of their cards by their rarity. And while this is true to a certain extent, more rare cards actually are more powerful than rare or common cards, that does not mean that you can’t win with regular cards.

Take Yami for example. While his deck does contain the all powerful Dark Magician, he also has a bunch of “regular” cards to protect his Dark Magician. Were it not for those regular cards that saved his Dark Magician time and time again, he would most likely lose his Dark Magician and, since his Dark Magician is a heavy win condition, lose the duel. Yami even uses Kuriboh, which seemed absolutely useless to me when I first saw it in the Anime. But Yami actually combines Kuriboh with another card which protects his life points effectively. Two extremely regular cards, still managing to protect his life points, who would’ve thought!

This brings me to my point. In my decks I always use at least one legendary that I obtained, simply because I love using legendary’s whenever I can. But when I am in an actual duel I don’t play these legendary’s whenever I can. I always make sure that I can either protect these legendary’s or I am absolutely convinced that my opponent can’t get rid of them.

The first condition, that I can protect my legendary is an important one. If I play my legendary while my side of the board is empty then I have no means of protecting it and it will be vulnerable to any damage from any minion! This is why, in my blue decks, I always use Wardcrafter (note that it is a card of “common” rarity). Wardcrafter is in my opinion one of the most amazing cards in the game. I absolutely love it because it gives a ward to a creature. Now I can actually protect my legendary card, with a common card!

So there you have it, every single card in the game, no matter what the rarity, has potential in some way. It’s not the card itself that can win a game. It’s how that card can contribute to your overall deck that can win a game (hmm there might be an article in this quote).

I hope I inspired you guys, next time when you build a deck, take a good look at the overall deck and think about how a seemingly useless card can contribute to the other cards (seriously there is an article in this quote).

Happy deckbuilding and dueling guys!


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