Hello guys,

This article is specifically for you guys just starting out with cardgames. As you can see, there are a lot of cards out there. Each card usually assigned to a specific class, distinguished by color. That means that whatever class you choose to start with, there are, especially in the beginning, going to be cards that you may not know about.

Well this is not a bad thing, because that makes the cardgame so exciting. Learning about all these new cards, getting amazed when your opponent plays a card with a new animation and then immediately hovering over the card to read the text (and flavor text in my case). These are all exciting things that you should not skip over. Enjoy the moments of amazement and exporing of the card library that the new game has to offer. But what happens when you start playing for a while and you kind of want to win?

I already covered in my article “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” that it’s not about winning or losing. But there ARE a lot of factors that you can influence, skill and, namely knowledge. Skill and knowledge probably go hand in hand. As you play duels you will learn more about your deck and you will get more skilled at making the right play each turn. But what about your opponent’s deck? Is there a way that you can up your skill even more by predicting what cards he might be holding? Well, yes! And you do not need to read his or her mind to do so!

All you need is knowledge. Knowledge about your oponnent’s class and his cards. After you are over the excitement phase, seriously do NOT skip over this phase, it’s one of the most exciting things in cardgames. But after you are over the amazement and excitement phase you can start digging a little deeper into the cardgame. Almost every digital cardgame has a library where you can see all the cards. And an offline cardgame probably has one online (just try google). Here is where you can start your research. Now this might seem like a bit of a drag, you want to play after all! But it can be quite exciting as long as you see the process for what it is, investment in your skill! Because by reading all about your opponent’s cards there will be nothing that he can play that will catch you offguard! You will, over time, and this does call upon experience, so there IS a reason after all to play lots of duels, catch patterns in your opponent’s plays. And by noticing these patterns you will be able to predict with a decent accuracy what your opponent will do on his next turn. Which is knowledge that will contribute even further in your decisionmaking on your turn! Knowledge, a wonderful thing isn’t it?

Quick note. Yami did call this “knowing what your opponent holds in his deck” unfair in Yu Gi Oh, but come on, this isn’t exactly the Pharaoh centrury anymore am I right?

So there you have it guys. Knowledge of your opponent’s cards! That’s one more thing in your arsenal against that ever dooming luck factor. We may not be able to change the luckfactor in a game, but we CAN make sure we make the best play every turn!

I hope this inspired you a little on the importance of knowledge of the cards in any cardgame. Happy dueling!



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