Hello guys,

When I first started The Elder Scrolls Legends, I was obsessed with it. I was playing it day in and out, and when I wasn’t playing it, I wanted to play it. I loved the game. It didn’t matter to me if I won or lost, the game was new to me. So I didn’t care about losing, I was just intrigued to learn about this new card, or learn how a card synergizes with another, or learn a new strategy. I was enjoying improving my decks.

After months of joyfully playing the game, I started streaming it. And that was fun aswell! I had a blast playing my decks and improving them with small changes. I had fun interacting with people in the chat, I was enjoying myself.

But, eventually something happened. I started to overcommit myself to the game. I started to play every game with an endgoal in mind. I started to play every game not for enjoyment, but to win. And that is where it happened. I started to get frustrated about misplays, I started to blame myself when I lost, I started to get angry at the game.

This thankfully only went as far as me smashing the desk with my fist. But I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. For some reason I remembered a quote from Yami from Yu Gi Oh. He says “It’s not about whether you win or lose, It’s how you play the game”. And this is absolutely true, especially for cardgames like The Elder Scrolls Legends. See, no matter how much you want to win, there is no denying of the luck factor in these type of games. All you can do, is play to the best of your ability each turn, judge each individual play you can make each turn to the best of your ability, and pick the play that you think is right. Eventually, over time, you will sharpen your wit to make the best play each turn. And even then the fun is not over! You will start to see little things in your deck that you overlooked, a card that might be holding the deck back from it’s full potential, and you will look for a replacement. And so on and so on. Because deckbuilding, is an everlasting process!

I hope this article inspires you to play to the best of your ability each game, and let go of anger and frustration over things that aren’t in your control.

Happy dueling!


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